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About Us

The Home With Pride Story


Hello! Welcome to Home With Pride, thank you for visiting us.


We’re a team of home owners who want to keep our homes clean, neat, tidy and elegant. In short, we aspire to be proud home owners, just like you!


We figure you’re here searching for great products that serve specific purposes for your home – be it making it cozier, more organized, to clean more effectively and efficiently, or simply, to make your home a paradise you can be proud of. We’d like to think you’ve come to the right place!


Alas, the journey to becoming a proud home owner is laid with obstacles. Haven’t we all encountered these same problems?


There are way too many products out there. We’re all juggling with busy schedules and with our lives, we simply don’t have the time to research for great products that work! And sometimes, product recommendations from friends and relatives, whilst fitting their needs, do not meet ours.


Oftentimes, we’ve taken the time and efforts to research products by reading through pages after pages of reviews. We then forked out hard-earned cash, waited patiently for the products to be delivered, but only to be disappointed that those products did not live up to our expectations.


Here at Home With Pride, we have the collective experience of a team to make your home a safe haven you can truly be proud of.


We’ve all gone through the excitement of getting our first homes, the eager anticipation of designing and decorating it, as well as a mixture of pains and pleasures of maintaining it. We’ve done countless hours of product research, tried many products hands-on, and have experienced both delightful moments when the products work, and many disappointing ones when they don’t.


We’d like to share our experiences with all aspiring proud home owners, so you don’t have to go through the troubles we’ve had. We’re excited when we find great products that work well, and we only recommend products that we love. We think you will, too.


Find what you love, and you can order it online. We hope you enjoy the journey of becoming home proud, and we thank you for letting us be with you on this trip.


Thanks again for stopping by Home With Pride.

Our core values

  • Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  • Create Long-Term Relationships with Our Customers
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Inspire Happiness and Positivity
  • Make Sure Our Customers are Pleased

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We're continually working on improving our online store, and are open to any suggestions.
If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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